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  • Zhiyuan Biotchnology

  •  [Shandong,China]
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  • Main Mark: Africa , Americas , Asia , Caribbean , Europe , North Europe , Oceania , West Europe , Worldwide , East Europe , Middle East
  • Exporter:51% - 60%
  • Certs:ISO9001, ISO14001, FDA
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Zhiyuan Biotchnology

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Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan biological Technology Co LTD Zhiyuan Bio tech is a innovative enterprise that is professional in cyclodextrins and their applications Supported by Shandong University Zhiyuan Bio tech has a cyclodextrins research center that located in Jinan We have a strong research and development strength of the technical team which has close cooperation with Shandong University Chinese Academy of Science and other world class research institutes Now we can produce hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin sulfobutyl ether beta cyclodextrin sodium salt methyl cyclodextrin mercapto cyclodextrin amino cyclodextrin ethanediamine cyclodextrin piroxicam cyclodextrin cyclodextrin polymers and other...

Categories and Products

Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin Derivatives

Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin

Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin Pharma Grade Pharmaceutical expicent hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin (128446-35-5) HPBCD DMF HYDROXYPROPYL BETADEX USP39 EP7.0 hpbcd HPBCD hydroxypropyl betadex Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin Hydroxypropyl betadex Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin 2-Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin USP EP CP Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin Cosmetic Grade USP Standard Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin Hydroxypropyl betadex with DMF certificate Zhiyuan hydroxypropy-beta-cyclodextrin FDA certificate Zhiyuan hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin DMF NO: 030168 Zhiyuan (2-hydroxypropyl)-beta-cyclodextrin FDA approved Zhiyuan (2-hydroxypropyl)-beta-cyclodextrin High quality Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin Adjusted drug release rate Zhiyuan Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin CAS:128446-35-5 Zhiyuan Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin USP 39 standard Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin from Binzhou Zhiyuan Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin CAS:128446-35-5 

Hydroxypropyl Alpha/Gamma/Hydroxybutyl Beta cyclodextrin

Hydroxybutyl beta cyclodextrin enterprise standard High Quality 98% Hydroxybutyl Beta Cyclodextrin Hydrxypropyl gamma cyclodextrin HPGCD pharma grade Hydroxybutyl Beta Cyclodextrin MSDS Hydroxybutyl beta cyclodextrin HBBCD from Binzhou Zhiyuan Hydroxybutyl beta cyclodextrin from Shandong Binzhou Hydroxybutyl beta Cyclodextrin high quality High Quality 98% Hydroxybutyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Factory supply Hydroxypropyl Gamma Cyclodextrin Binzhou Hydrxypropyl Gamma Cyclodextrin Hydrxypropyl Gamma Cyclodextrin from Binzhou Zhiyuan Hydroxybutyl beta cyclodextrin chemical formula Hydroxybutyl beta cyclodextrin toxicity Hydroxypropyl Gamma Cyclodextrin enterprise standard Hydroxypropyl alpha cyclodextrin from Binzhou Zhiyuan 

Sulfobutyl/Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin

Sulfobutyl Beta Cyclodextrin

Sulfobutyl-ether-beta cyclodextrin CAS 182410-00-0 FDA DMF approved sulfobutyl ether beta cyclodextrin Sulfobutyl Ether Beta Cyclodextrin Structure Sulfobutyl beta cyclodextrin DMF NO: 030167 Sulfobutyl beta cyclodextrin FDA approved Sulfobutyl beta cyclodextrin USP stand Betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium Meet GMP standard Betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium 182410-00-0 Betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium Used in the medicine betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium accumulation betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium monograph Sodium sulphobutylether-beta-cyclodextrin Sodium Sulfobutylether Beta-Cyclodextrin Beta-Cyclodextrin Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium (182410-00-0) Sodium Sulfobutyl Ether Beta Cyclodextrin 182410-00-0 Sbebcd Sulfobutylether beta-cyclodextrin sodium Sulfobutyl Ether-beta-cyclodextrin SBECD 182410-00-0 Sulfobutyl Ether Bcd Sbecd Betadex sulfobutyl ether sodium Injection grade 

Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin

used in drug material Methyl Beta cyclodextrin Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin Molecular Formula Pharmaceutical excipient methyl beta cyclodextrin White power Methyl beta cyclodextrine CAS 128446-36-6 Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin synthetic drugs methyl beta cyclodextrin Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin Pharmaceutical grade Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin 128446-36-6 Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin MEBCD Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin CAS:128446-36-6 Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin White power Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin CAS:128446-36-6 Beta Cyclodextrin Methyl Ethers Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin Pharmaceutical grade Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin 128446-36-6 Supply 98%min Beta-Cyclodextrin Methyl Ethers Application of Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin Used in Medicine High Quality Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin 

Cyclodextrin Inclusion Compound Beta Cyclodextrin Polymer

Cyclodextrin inclusion compound

High purity Piroxicam-Beta-Cyclodextrin P-B-CD 96684-39-8 piroxicam beta cyclodextrin in stock Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin Export to Pakistan Menthol hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin complex Menthol hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin Menthol-beta / Hydroxypropyl-beta-Cyclodextrin Complex Buying Piroxicam-beta-cyclodextrin for homeopathic medicine White power Menthol beta cyclodextrin Application of Salicylic Acid Beta Cyclodextrin Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin 96684-39-8 96684-39-8 Selling Menthol hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin Salicylic acid beta cyclodextrin Solubility Piroxicam beta cyclodextrin 96684-39-8 PBCD Hot Selling Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin pharmaceutical medical drug Binzhou ZhiyuanZhiyuan Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin Binzhou ZhiyuanZhiyuan Piroxicam-beta-cyclodextrin complex Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin From Binzhou Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin From Binzhou Salicylic Acid Beta Cyclodextrin Storage 

Beta Cyclodextrin Polymers

Molecular Weight Beta Cyclodextrin Epichlorohydrin Polymers Beta cyclodextrin epichlorohydrin copolymer Soluble beta cyclodextrin polymer crosslinked Soluble beta cyclodextrin polymer crosslinked Zhiyuan Soluble Beta Cyclodextrin Polymer Crosslinked Beta Cyclodextrin Epichlorohydrin Copolymer From Binzhou Soluble Beta Cyclodextrin Polymer CAS 25655-42-9 Epichlorohydrin Beta cyclodextrin MSDS Beta cyclodextrin epichlorohydrin copolymer CAS:25655-42-9 Beta Cyclodextrin Polymer Chloromethyl Oxirane Polyethylene Polyamine Modified Cyclodextrins 25655-42-9 Polymers Involving Cyclodextrin Moieties 

Cyclodextrin Reagent Derivatives

Amino Cyclodextrin Mercapto Cyclodextrin iodo cyclodextrin

Mono Amino Deoxy Beta Cyclodextrin 29390-67-8 CAS 29390-67-8 Amino Beta Cyclodextrin white power Amino Beta Cyclodextrin CAS 29390-67-8 Mono-(6-Amino-6-Deoxy) β Cyclodextrin CAS 29390-67-8 Mono Mercapo beta Cyclodextrin CAS 81644-55-5 Mono Mercapto Beta Cyclodextrin Mono-(6-Amino-6-Deoxy) Beta Cyclodextrin amino cyclodextrin Mono Mercapto deoxy beta Cyclodextrin Octakis Iodo Deoxy gamma Cyclodextrin Octakis Iodo Gamma Cyclodextrin Mono amino deoxy beta cyclodextrin Mono Amino Beta Cyclodextrin From Zhiyuan Binzhou Zhiyuan Amino Beta Cyclodextrin Amino Beta Cyclodextrin CAS 29390-67-8 Amino Beta Cyclodextrin From China Amino Cyclodextrin CAS 29390-67-8 Mono Mercapo beta Cyclodextrin from Zhiyuan Binzhou Mono Mercapo beta Cyclodextrin Binzhou Zhiyuan Mercapo beta Cyclodextrin Mono Mercapo beta Cyclodextrin CAS:81644-55-5 

Scientific Research Special Cyclodextrin Reagent

mono-(6-p-toluenesulfonyl) beta cyclodextrin Ts-β-CD Mono tetraethylenepentamine deoxy beta Cyclodextrin Mono-6-p-Toluenesulfonyl Beta Cyclodextrin CAS 67217-55-4 toluenesulfonyl beta cyclodextrin P-Toluenesulfonyl Beta Cyclodextrin Solubility Mono-6-ethanediamine-6-deoxy beta cyclodextrin Mono 6-O-p-toluenesulfonyl beta cyclodextrin CAS 67217-55-4 Mono-6-Azido-6-Deoxy Beta Cyclodextrin Mono Azido Deoxy Beta Cyclodextrin Mono Azido Deoxy Beta Cyclodextrin From Zhiyuan Binzhou Zhiyuan Azido Beta Cyclodextrin Mono Azido Cyclodextrin high quality Binzhou Zhiyuan Hydroxybutyl Beta Cyclodextrin HB-beta-CD Hydroxybutyl Beta Cyclodextrin from Binhzou Zhiyuan Hydroxybutyl Cyclodextrin Enterprise Standard Toluenesulfonyl beta cyclodextrin Mono toluenesulfonyl beta cyclodextrin structure Heptakis iodo deoxy beta cyclodextrin MSDS Mono Azido Beta-Cyclodextrin CAS 98169-85-8 Mono 6-triethylenetetraamine-6-deoxy beta Cyclodextrin 


Octakis 6 Iodo 6 Deoxy gamma Cyclodextrin Octakis (6-Iodo-6-Deoxy) gamma Cyclodextrin Octakis 6-Bromo-6-Deoxy gamma Cyclodextrin 

Natural Alpha Beta Gamma Cyclodextrin

Natural Beta Cyclodextrin

Beta cyclodextrin CAS 7585-39-9),synthetic drugs,B-CD hot sale high purity cas 7585-39-9 beta cyclodextrin high quality Beta Cyclodextrin with stock 7585-39-9 beta cyclodextrin solubility in organic solvents High quality beta cyclodextrin CAS: 7585-39-9 Beta cyclodextrin from Binzhou Zhiyuan Beta cyclodextrin molecular cas 7585-39-9 Beta-Cyclodextrin Fine Chemicals CAS: 7585-39-9 Molecular weight of beta cyclodextrin Hot sale beta cyclodextrin CAS 7585-39-9 Food additive gamma cyclodextrin 

Natural Gamma Cyclodextrin

gamma cyclodextrin pharmaceutical grade 17465-86-0 butyldimethylsilyl alpha, beta, gamma cyclodextrin Gamma cyclodextrin 17465-86-0 High Quality Natural Alpha Cyclodextrin USP Standad Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS17465-86-0 Gamma Cyclodextrin USP36 Standard Gamma Cyclodextrin Enterprise Standard Gamma Cyclodextrin CAS 17465-86-0 Gamma Cyclodextrin Pharmaceutical Grade USP Standard Gamma cyclodextrin Increase solubility enhance stability Gamma Cyclodextrin in Pharmaceutical CAS 17465-86-0 Food grade Gamma cyclodextrin Gamma Cyclodextrin From Zhiyuan Gamma Cyclodextrin High quality gamma cyclodextrin USP36 stndard gamma cyclodextrin high quality 

Natural Alpha Cyclodextrin

Molecular Formula of Alpha Cyclodextrin Alpha Cyclodextrin Natural Cyclohexa penty lose Binzhou Zhiyuan Alpha Cyclodextrin Binzhou Zhiyuan A cyclodextrin Alpha Cyclodextrin from Binzhou Zhiyuan Alfa cyclodextrin food grade Zhiyuan Alpha Cyclodextrin As food additives Food Grade Alpha Cyclodextrin cas 10016-20-3 Molecular Weight of Alpha Cyclodextrin Alpha Cyclodextrin in Medicinal Chemical Low viscosity alpha cyclodextrin for bakery food Top quality 99% alpha cyclodextrin Alpha Cyclodextrin in Food Additives 

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